Welcome to 6K Ranch. We’re a registered Brangus seed stock breeder based in Oklahoma providing quality Brangus genetics to cattlemen all over the central United States.

6K maintains a herd of foundation blood line brood cows and compliments them with breeding to some of the best known bull families in the Brangus breed.

All our Dams and Sires are on site at the ranch allowing each prospective buyer an opportunity to look at EPD’s then see in person the lineage and physical makeup of each animal. We promote growth, genetics and gentleness to fashion cattle that simplify cattle work while enhancing the character of any herd. Our animals are hand fed daily to accustom them to human activity and promote gentleness. Each animal comes with satisfaction guarantee that references their individual biological characteristics and temperament. Simply said “if they don’t produce and behave like we say, simply return them, 6K will keep you whole”.

Our business is to provide a high quality animal that any cattleman can afford, then support that cattleman with programs and marketing to allow him or her to recoup their investment in 6K genetics many times over. Our leading program is Brangus Gold which offers genetic tracking and organized marketing to allow cattlemen to extract greater value from 6K animals while lowering their costs to sell. Buyers often prefer verifiable animals from single locations and are willing to pay a premium to gain the insurance of knowing the exact history on an animal. Brangus Gold helps make that connection.

We hope you’ll give us an opportunity to show how our combination of cattle and supporting services can make a real contribution to your bottom line.

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6K Registered Brangus Cattle Quality Cattle from Foundation Bloodlines

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Brangus Gold provides services to cattlemen to unlock maximum market value for high quality cattle produced from 6K genetics. The 6K Value

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