The 6K Story

6K Ranch sits at the foot of the Kiamichi Mountains where the mixed Pine and hardwood forest meet the flat bottom lands of the Red River.

Our land began its ownership saga in 1905 when Tahobbee Willis was granted a land allotment as part of Indian Territory for the business purpose of harvesting whiskey barrel staves from the dense population of White Oak.

Over the next 112 years the timber was harvested leaving Bermuda grass pastures and creeks lined with those same 200 year old oaks.

The barn was built in 1942 from timber cut on the place by a local craftsman who only used hand tools. That same craftsman was rumored to enjoy a bit of libation during working hours resulting in a barn that is a full 1 foot wider in the front than in the back but still standing 75 years later.

Located near Wright City, Oklahoma once a thriving sawmill town that included company store, downtown businesses and housing for employees, 6K embraces the timber industry heritage. The 6K ranch house was constructed in 1975 by the town barber who bought three 1900 vintage shotgun houses through the liquidation of the company town and assembled them into a sprawling single story of 1800 ft surrounded by 1600 ft of porches.

6K Ranch was formed in 2007 when this property was acquired and through good fortune the Kiser’s met Herb Murray a widely known Brangus breeder who had decided to retire after years in the business. Kiser’s acquired Mr. Murray’s “pets” which were the remainder of his herd allowing us to gain such well-known lines as Geronimo, Bright Side, John Wayne, Lead Gun and New Design. In 2019 6K acquired the herd of DD Bar adding the incremental lines of Csonka, Ike and McNuff Said.

Today most of these original cattle are still producing some 10 years later, a testament to the longevity and production of these great lines. Great bulls were added including sons of LTD and Alydar to create a blend of modern stars with the foundation lines. In 2019 6K additional sires with sons of Commander, 98A, Stonewall and Tradition to further diversify our genetics.

These cattle bring the mothering, forage versatility and climate adaption that Brangus is known for. They are gentle and easy to handle requiring minimal care.


Our Way of Life

Having purpose and a connection to the past is important in every family. 6K is a family owned operation that serves as a touchstone for a far flung group of 3 generations. It offers respite from a world of technology, travel and an internet world by providing simple things like a front porch, new calves and a good dog.

On the ranch reality is tangible and sometimes as brutal as life and death. It’s a place to learn about what really matters and act on those terms that are often flung about but seldom understood. Build a brand, until the cows come home, sing like a bird and knee deep in bullshit all have a much more relatable meaning. It’s a place to pass on the lessons of time, not just ranch life but all life.

We invite all our customers, friends and customers who become friends to come sit on the porch, tell a good story and enjoy the moment. Then we’ll take a ride to look at some really nice cattle that add another great chapter in your life’s storybook.

Our Success

Our success is built on understanding the niche we serve and the ability to provide high value to our customers through powerful range ready animals that are satisfaction guaranteed.

We don’t focus on shows, big sales or other glamour events designed to catch buyers in the moment for a few extra bucks. All our cattle are sold via private treaty for a fair price. Everyone has a different image of what they like and want in their cattle. We provide you the opportunity to understand exactly what cattle we have at whatever pace you care to move. At the end of the day we expect you to drive away with cattle that fit YOUR needs and know that we agreed to a fair price.